As we serve our community and also from a physics perspective,we strive to hold the following vision:

  • Deliver excellent service concerning teaching,research and community service.
  • Creating an environment of active learning and effective communication striving for the highest qualities in all aspects of our work.
  • The mission of the department of physics ,C.H.S.E, is to teach and learn physics in a collaborative and cooperative way.
  • To assure the comprehensive development of the student and lecturer in the academic culture and quality teaching in physics comparable with international standards.
  • To provide the tools and skills to assist all community members to be contributors to society by solving problems and advancing our knowledge of the universe.


  • Provide opportunities for scientific study and creativity within a global context which will stimulate and challenge students
  • Provide a body of knowledge, methods and techniques which characterize science and technology
  • Develop an ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesize scientific information
  • Develop experimental and investigative scientific skills
  • Encourage an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and the overarching nature of the scientific method.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of: scientific facts and concepts, scientific methods and techniques, scientific terminology, and methods of presenting scientific information.
  • Construct, analyze and evaluate: hypotheses, research questions and predictions, scientific methods and techniques, and scientific explanations.
  • Demonstrate the personal skills of cooperation, perseverance and responsibility appropriate for effective scientific investigation and problem solving.
  • Demonstrate the manipulative skills necessary to carry out scientific investigations with precision and safety.


  • Essentially everything that is predicted, or created by men has some sort of link to physics... Since it's about understanding nature and using it to predict what will happen and to predict how you can create new stuff.
  • The energy from the sun that plants use to make their food and to create oxygen
  • Gravity keeps you from flying off into space.
  • The force that keep atomic particles together and not fly into different directions
  • Understanding of flow of air gives the possibility to predict the weather.
  • Understanding forces and stuff enables us to calculate how to make the best transmissions in cars, etc. etc. etc.
  • When we walk or run, our motion is part of laws of mechanics and thermodynamics.
  • We eat food which undergoes chemical reactions producing heat energy which is converted into mechanical energy
  • Use of refrigerator, pressure cookers, washing machines, television, music system, computers, etc. are all designed on the principles of physics.
  • When we speak, we produce sound properties of which like pitch and intensity are studied in physics
  • Electricity that we use in household is a gift of physics
  • Automobiles design is based on physics

The list is endless.


Our Team

  1. Mr. Mohamed Adhuham(HOD)
  2. Mr. Praphul Malol
  3. Mr. Ajaybal P.B
  4. Mr. Shaijo P George
  5. Mr. Deepak Devadas
  6. Ms. Agleema Saleem
  7. Ms. Ajitha Mary
  8. Ms. Aishath Aska Ibrahim
  9. Ms. Asiyath Naseem