The basis of Islamic Studies are the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Our goal is to create Muslim characters who have strong believe in Allah and who perform there duties as a Muslim and as a Maldivian at the best.



We aim not only to obtain good results from the HCSC Examination. But we give higher priority to ensure that each student who accomplishes their studies in CHSE would face the outside world as a good practicing Muslim who loves Islam and will serve our Nation.


Extra Activities

As any other department we also conduct many extra activities related to the subject. Including the Islamic Forum, an active Student body, which plans conduct many activities under the guidance of our department. In addition to this, we prepare the participants for different Quran Competitions. Extra classes are also held for the grade 12 students. And regular consultation programs are held for all grades. Furthermore from time to time we hold different religious lecturers from various different Islamic Organizations.


Difficulties Faced

  • The syllabus is immense.
  • Not enough time allocated in the time table for the subject.
  • Lack of Interest of students for the subject.
  • Less resources in Dhivehi for the subject.

Our Team

  1. Mr. Ibrahim Zuhair (HOD)
  2. Sh. Haroon Yoosuf
  3. Ms. Aminath Abdul Hakeem
  4. Ms. Mariyam Ahmed Didi
  5. Mr. Ganim Hussain
  6. Ms. Fathimath Shahula
  7. Ms. Aishath Ali
  8. Ms. Aminath Nasiha
  9. Ms. Khadeeja Leeza
  10. Mr. Ahmed Hashim