To enable the students to:

  • Understand some major events of modern world history.
  • Relate the events from history to present-day situations.
  • Enhance their critical and creative thinking skills: By interpreting primary sources and secondary sources written by various historians.
  • Write academic essays that include interpreting different opinions and supporting their own arguments by analysing the research and evaluating them.


  • Apart from being aware of various interesting events from the recent past, students will have a better knowledge about the reasons for the current world situation.
  • Since History is a subject in which many interpretations and different perspectives of each event are discussed, History students would be very open to different opinions, and this can be very helpful in their future careers as well.
  • The analysing and evaluating skills involved in history when writing academic essays would help students who do History to think very openly. They would be very critical and raise questions to understand the hidden sides of a problem. This will be very helpful in the workplace when making important decisions.
  • Students are encouraged to do their own research, and this will be very useful for those who go for further studies.
  • A group of young people who are aware of major events that happened in the past and aware of what is happening today itself is very beneficial to the community.
  • In addition to this, a group of people who think about certain concepts and issues from all sides and perspectives before making a decision can be very useful to our society.


  • Create interest in students about important events from the past that has helped to shape the present day world.
  • To create a well-informed, mature and more critical thinking workforce.


  • Achieve 100% pass rate since only a few students attempt History at A ‘level.
  • Another target though not an academic one is to increase the number of students attempting history in the A ‘levels.
  • One of the biggest challenges for this department is not having enough resources needed for the subject including some important text books and reference books needed for the students’ coursework. But it is important to note that we have received all the books necessary except for those needed for coursework recently this year.
  • Also another resource that has been difficult to obtain are past papers. This is because the syllabus has changed very recently (in 2008) and not many papers exist.

Our Team

  1. Ms. Mariya Shaukath (HOD)