Dhivehi is the official language of the Republic of Maldives and it is the mother tongue of all Maldivians. Dhivehi language is taught in CHSE under the national HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) syllabus.



  • Increase the love for the Dhivehi language in the hearts of all the students and teach them to use the language effectively to communicate with people in various fields.
  • Making it possible for the students to achieve their goals through listening, speaking, reading and writing the Dhivehi language.
  • Ensuring that all the students know how to use the Dhivehi language appropriately for any circumstances they may face in their future works of life and improve their personalities with effective language skills.


Keeping the pass percentage above 80% for all the students participating in the HSC examinations at the end of their 2 year course at CHSE. We are proud to note that we have been achieving this goal for the past 5 years.


Teaching System

For this subject two lessons are taken each week for each class. During these lessons students are given individual works as wells are group works and project works. Furthermore extra classes are taken for grade twelve students. Student consultancy program was introduced both the grades in 2010 where they can come and individually consult the teachers about any difficulties they are facing in the lessons.



Classwork 10%
Project work 10%
Semester Exam 80%

Difficulties Faced

Recently there has been talk among the public and educational community about making the Dhivehi subject optional for higher secondary students as opposed to keeping it compulsory as it is now. This has resulted in students loosing interest in the subject and has also made it difficult to teach it to them.

Also lack of books written in Dhivehi language aimed at students of this age is another difficulty.


Extra Activities

Extra activities regarding the subject are organised by the Dharivarungu Gulhun which is a students' association working under the department. These activities are aimed at individual students as well as for the houses. Some of these activities include preparing the students to national literary competitions and conducting short language courses.


Our Team

  1. Ms. Naazly Rashad(HOD)
  2. Ms. Mamdhooha Abdulla
  3. Mr. Abdul Gadhir Ismail
  4. Mr. Ilyas Sujau
  5. Mr. Mohamed Gasim
  6. Mr. Abdul Rahman Hassan
  7. Ms. Fathimath Niuma
  8. Mr. Hassan Moosa