• During the school sessions students are required to stay in classrooms, in the Library or in the students' room
  • All students should obey and listen to the teachers and the school authorities while at school or outside
  • All students are required to attend all classes that they are admitted to study, pay for and do the required exams
  • Students are not allowed to stay outside school in groups or harass students from any school or pass unnecessary comments at pedestrians on the road
  • Students are required to observe the school notice board regularly and follow all instructions
  • Any change of address should be notified to the Office immediately. Students will be held responsible for any inconvenience due to lack of notification/communication
  • Students should not loiter at the school gate or the vicinity of the school or road front
  • A supervisor and teachers will always be on duty to look after the students activities while the school is in session. All students are expected to cooperate with the teacher on duty, Head Students and the Prefects who may be on duty
  • Students waiting for any extra activities (in school) after school hours could wait so only with the permission from the authorities
  • Students are only allowed to wear their uniforms to attend school, extracurricular activities of the school and to represent the school at various functions. For sports and extra classes, students can wear the sports uniform which is available at CHSE. They are discouraged to go to restaurants or cafes for food in uniform. Where it is absolutely necessary students are allowed to go only at break time and not after school. In such circumstances students should maintain the general standard of discipline in such places. Students who would like to go to cafes after school should change their uniforms and get permission from their parents or guardians
  • Students shall not engage in conduct that is intended to be disruptive any school activity, function, or process of the school, nor shall they engage in any activity that is dangerous to the health or safety of students or others

Disruptive Behaviour

Students are entitled to a learning environment free of unnecessary disruption. Any physical or verbal disturbance that interrupts or interfere with teaching and orderly conduct of school activities is prohibited. Whiff this list is not intended to be all-inclusive, the following acts illustrate disruptive behaviour that would be taken seriously by CHSE, the engagement of which could result in suspension or expulsion from school.



Repeated negative behaviours, either physical or mental, -du target a specific victim is classified as Bullying and is not tolerated CHSE. Students should not bully another student or group of student either individually or as part of a group .Engaging in behaviours such delivering threats, verbal or written abuse, physical abuse, harassment and ethnic or gender slurs, targeting a specific victim will be take seriously and the offenders penalized.



Verbal or physical conduct relating to an individual (including, but not limited to, age, sex, race, creed, national origin, colour..etc.) that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working learning environment are considered as harassment.


Profane, Obscene, or Abusive Language or Materials

The use of either oral or written language including racial slurs, gestures, objects or pictures which are disrespectful or socially unacceptable and which tend to disrupt the orderly school environment, a school function or extracurricular/co-curricular activity.



The wilful and/or malicious destruction, damage or defacement of public or private property, real or personal, without the consent of the owner or the person having custody or control of it. This category includes graffiti.


Physical Confrontation

Showing disagreement, especially strong disagreement, by pushing and/or shoving and/or striking.