All students shall attend school regularly. Noncompliance with this rule will lead to disciplinary action by the school management and students who do not make 80% of the attendance are not eligible to sit their final examination. Regular school attendance is a vital factor in school achievement as irregular attendance and tardiness interfere with the orderly development of sound progress in one's education.

Students should not be absent unless under extenuating circumstances. Once the student resumes attending, the student should be responsible to obtain missed material and make up for missed work as soon as possible.

CHSE policy requires that a student who has been absent bring a parental n to school the first day of the student's return to school stating the reason the absence. The only excuses for absences t shall be deemed acceptable are:

  1. Illness (the school may require a note from the doctor);
  2. Death or a crisis in the family;
  3. Extenuating circumstances which are determined by the sch administration.

(School-organized activities such as field trips and trips or sports competific are not counted as absences; however, if cannot be attended, students who involved must notify affected teachers well ahead of the event)


Normal Procedure

If a student is absent to school, he/she should bring a letter signed by parent/ guardian the first day he/she comes back to school. Teachers would ensure that all students submit this letter. The letter received must be countersigned and dated by both, the student and Class Teacher / Subject Teacher, in presence of, both the said parties. It would then be filed in the Student File the Academic office.

If a student gets absent for a period longer than 5 consecutive days due sickness he/she must submit a medical certificate from a practitioner any letter signed by parent / guardian. If the student was absent for any of reason, the student must submit a letter signed by parent/guardian stating reason for the absence. This letter must also be countersigned and dated the student and Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher, in the presence of both said parties. It would then be filed in the Student File in the Academic Office.