Principal's Message

Aishath Safoora (Principal)

A long cherished dream comes true; yet another milestone in the history of CHSE: a website for CHSE. Auspicious moment of launching this official website swells my heart with pride and joy. This will take CHSE one step closer to achieving the international standards.

As the principal of this prestigious institution, my vision is to ensure the holistic development of the students by providing infrastructure and an atmosphere conducive to academic as well as psychological, moral and religious development so that they can be responsible citizens contributing to the development of the country.

CHSE has always set benchmark for other institutions and now CHSE with its unique website begins a new era of informative learning and interactive atmosphere to the elite students of this country.

With this vision in mind, courses offered here have been diversified by incorporating supplementary subjects like law, and Arabic. Moreover, life skill sessions have been conducted throughout the year to equip the students with the skills and values necessary for personal as well as social life.

We have challenges ahead as new A’ level institutions come up. However, we with our expert and dedicated staff will be able to face all hurdles and remain as the foremost institution of the country. We are further trying to diversify, focussing on our core competencies to keep up with the changing environment.

I want to thank all the students both former and present, for having maintained the status of our school in this country. Our students are the ambassadors who would undoubtedly promote the good name of this prestigious institution. The students are our pride and joy and they are indeed lucky for having had the opportunity to be part of CHSE.

I would be failing in my duties if I do not thank the very efficient Senior Management Team. Their intellect and quick wit has often helped to overcome certain unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. Furthermore, I want to thank them for their effectual administrative skills and working together as a great team.

The Heads of the Departments and teachers are the foundation on which CHSE is dependent on, and I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to each and every member on board for having rendered their selfless service which I sincerely believe has helped to pave a bright future for the students of CHSE.

As Robert Frost says,

"... miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

Aishath Safoora
Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE)