School Facilities


CHSE has a total of 13 classrooms, all of which are used during normal session hours for normal classes. In addition, supplementary subject classes and extra classes are also held in these rooms. All the classrooms are spacious and comfortable. All classes are equipped with white boards and well furnished.


Students' Room

In CHSE the Students’ Room for the exclusive use group studying or private consultations from teachers. This room encourages peer learning as you are free to ask what you don’t know from other students who are present.

Teachers also make use of this room for taking normal and extra classes.



CHSE has one of the best libraries amongst Maldivian schools. The library is constantly updated with new books and magazines and has a vast collection of books. Most of the books are related to the students’ syllabuses. This makes our library a very valuable resource for any student who wishes to enrich his/her knowledge even further than what is taught in the classes.

The library is fully air conditioned and made comfortable for those who wish to study in groups or by themselves. The library also provides textbooks for all the students, which are to be returned at the end of their last semester in grade 12.

Please refer to Library Rules to find out more about the library procedure and expected conduct inside the library.


Science Laboratories

In CHSE we have the best equipped and staffed science laboratories in the Maldives. We have two separate laboratories for each science subject; Two Chemistry Laboratories, Two Physics Laboratories and Two Biology Laboratories. We give high priority to ensure all the laboratories are well stocked with all necessary equipments and chemicals.

The laboratories are used for both theory classes and practical lessons. Practical lessons are taken once a week for each class. All students are given an opportunity to carry out the experiments individually or in small groups. To ensure the safety of the students, all necessary safety apparels are provided and their teacher and lab assistants are present to give help if needed.

Please refer to Laboratory Rules to find out more about the labs and expected conduct inside them.


Computer Lab

CHSE computer laboratory conducts short computer courses for students who are interested. The laboratory is equipped with modern computer systems and connected to broadband internet service.

Please visit the Computing Department section to see the courses they conduct and refer to the Computer Lab Rules to find out more about the expected conduct inside the lab.



In CHSE we make wide use of the School Hall. Most school ceremonies and assemblies are held in the School Hall. In addition, recreation activities and consultations are also held in the school hall. Clubs and associations also make use of the hall for their activities and meetings.


Audio Visual Room (AV Room)

The AV room is mainly used for extra classes and supplementary subjects’ classes. At times it is also used for exams. The room is very comfortably furnished and fully air conditioned. As the name suggests the AV room has all the equipmet necessary for conducting audio visual lessons. There is a dedicated computer and high quality projector which the teachers can make use of.


Prayer Room (Mosque)

CHSE has a small prayer room for girls and female staff. Boys and male staff make use of a small traditional mosque near to the school ( Kalhu Vakaru Misqie) where they can pray during breaks and free periods. Top


The school canteen is accessible for both the students and staff. It is a great place for students and teachers to socialize and relax. The food available is both tasty and cheap compared to the normal teashops and coffee shops around Male’. You can have something substantial to eat. Also the staff is nice and friendky.


Staff Facilities

In CHSE we give high priority to ensure that all resources are made available for the staff, especially for the academic staff. The Staff room is well furnished with necessary equipment. A wireless network connects all the staff to broadband internet in the staffroom. In addition, workstations are provided for teachers.

The HODs' room which is for heads of departments is also well equipped with modern equipment and connected by a wireless network.